"David Tudor: Bandoneon!" (Weiss Cinema)

Julie Martin

In 1966, ten NY artists and thirty engineers and scientists from Bell Telephone Labs collaborated on a series of innovative dance, music, and theater performances, “9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering”, held at N.Y.’s 69th Regiment Armory. The ten artists included David Tudor who performed Bandoneon!, a work in which he played a traditional instrument (the bandoneon) as the input into a complex sound and visual modification system that moved sound from speaker to speaker, turned lights off and on, and produced large video images, creating a work that animated the entire Armory space. Engineers Fred Waldhauer and Reobert Kieronski and composer Lowell Cross joined Tudor and contributed to the technical components of the work.

This rare and historical film – the third in the “9 Evenings” series -- was produced by Billy Klüver and Julie Martin of E.A.T. and directed by Julie Martin.