Film Screenings (Weiss Cinema)

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

10:00AM   4 American Composers: John Cage
Directed by Peter Greenaway
Mystic Fire Video
1989, Transatlantic Films, Ltd
60’, color

11:00AM   Changing Steps
Directors: Elliot Caplan and Merce Cunningham
1989, color and b&w
Music: John Cage, Cartridge Music

11:45AM   John Cage New River Watercolors
John Cage Painting Workshop April 3-8, 1988
Miles C. Horton Center, Mountain Lake, Virginia
Producer/ Director: Ray Kass, 1990

12:00PM   50 Ways to Cleanse Your Palette
Producer / Director: John Musall, 2009

12:15PM   Cage/Cunningham
Choreography: Merce Cunningham
Music: John Cage (various)
Written: David Vaughan
1992, color/b&w

2:00PM   David Tudor’s Bandoneon!
“9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering,” The 69th Regiment Armory, New York, N.Y., United States, October 14-18, 1966
© 2008, E.A.T and ARTPIX

3:00PM   The Balloon
Created by: Sungyeon Sun
Music: John Cage, excerpts from Sonatas & Interludes (1946-48)
2003, animated
7’ 32”

3:15PM   I’ve Got a Secret
John Cage appears as a contestant and performs Water Walk in January CBS Television, 1960

4:00PM   Four Films on John Cage By Frank Scheffer and Andrew Culver
Frank Scheffer/Andrew Culver Films
84’, original 1995
DVD released by Mode Records 2004
19 Questions 14’35”
Fourteen 22’16”
Paying Attention 14’39”
Overpopulation and Art 27’57”