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Work Title
Composed in 1989. Premiered in Speyer, July 27, 1990.
Ensemble Type
For three recorder players (various ranges).
"The suite of these pieces is 1. ABCDEFGHI (one or any number of these may be played between 1. and 2. ) 2. "As legato as possible" refers to playing of the scores 1. and 2., all three parts together, not to the playing of separate parts unless there are slurs within them. Thus in 1., the lo C played on the Bass by the second player is to connect with the high Db on the Soprano by the third player and that with the D on the Tenor etc. Durations and dynamics are free; they are to be discovered in rehearsal. I imagine 1. like a chorale; 2. seems to be more lyrical. Tones are given with the time brackets whether the time brackets are fixed or flexible can can last any amount of the time given."
Trio Dolce
Peters Edition EP 67303